Ability Scores

What was “normal me” like?

ICONS has six ability scores. Humans range from 1 to 6. We’re just focused on what your character was like at the time his or her Mutant powers FIRST manifested… or in other words “boring, normal you.”


  • 6: Extraordinary – Human maximum – Olympic record setters and super geniuses!
  • 5: Exceptional – You’re a leader of the pack/field in this category. People look up to you.
  • 4: Accomplished – You’ve had training, some natural ability/aptitude, or lots of practice.
  • 3: Typical – The middle of the bell curve. The vast bulk of human kind.
  • 2: Inferior – Behind the curve even by normal standards, but you can still get by.
  • 1: Feeble – This is actually a handicap, it doesn’t get any worse.

The Ability Scores

  • Prowess – How good are you at fighting? Street brawling, kung fu, Krav Maga… whatever!
  • Coordination – How’s your hand-eye coordination? Clumsy? Gymnast? Target shooter?
  • Strength – What’s your raw muscle power? Skinny geek or NFL linebacker?
  • Intellect – How good is the gray matter in between the ears? Forrest Gump or Einstein?
  • Awareness – Do you pay attention to what’s going on around you?
  • Willpower – How stubborn, thickheaded, willful are you? How dedicated to a cause are you?

At this stage of the game, you have 21 points. Don’t worry, you’ll get more later. You only need to give yourself the stats you had when your mutant powers first manifested. Chances are you were a hormone filled teenager or young adult in stressful situations. If you don’t need all 21 points… save them! If you need more… wait!

Ability Scores

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