Professor Xavier is assisted by very talented and dedicated faculty. Most are mutants, all of them believe in Professor Xavier’s dream of a world where humans and mutants can coexist and are dedicated to attaining that dream.

Professor Xavier

Teaches English Language Arts (critical analysis/evaluation in speaking and writing, communication skills, social interaction), Social Studies (civics, citizenship, government), and most importantly Mental Conditioning and Telepathy Defense. If there is an interest he also teaches French (though technically due to his Telepathy he can teach nearly any language).

  • Callsign “Professor X” – Mutant – Telepath

Dr. Moira MacTaggert

Teaches principles of science, scientific inquiry, engineering design, general sciences (a blend of physics, chemistry, biology, etc.), common themes in science/math/technology, and practical application of science/math/technology. If there is an interest she also teaches Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig).

  • No Callsign – Human – Genius

Mr. Robert Drake

Teaches number sense, basic numerical operations, measurements, algebra, geometry, basic statistics and probability, and economics. If there is an interest he also teaches Spanish.

  • Callsign “Iceman” – Mutant – Elemental Control (Ice) and Body of Ice

Ms. Ororo Munroe

Teaches American and World literature, World History, Geography, and assists with physical conditioning training. If there is an interest she also teaches Arabic.

  • Callsign “Storm” – Mutant – Elemental Control (Weather) and Flight

Ms. Katherine “Kitty” Pryde

Teaches Information Systems, Computers & Technology, US and New York History, as well as basic English Language Arts (listening/speaking/reading/writing) skills. If there is an interest she also teaches Hebrew.

  • Callsign “Shadowcat” – Mutant – Phasing

Coach Kurt Wagner

Teaches Gymnastics & Acrobatics, Strength Training, Physical Conditioning, Basic Hand to Hand Combat and Fencing. If there is an interest he also teaches German.

  • Callsign “Nightcrawler” – Mutant – Teleportation and Agility

Mr. Jonathon Silvercloud

Though not technically a member of the faculty, he has agreed to take advanced senior year students that show extreme promise as engineers. The complication is that the student would need to relocate to his facility in Dallas, TX. He does however build many (if not all) of the “gadgets” used around the school.

  • Callsign “Forge” – Mutant – Wizardry (Technomancy & Shamism)


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