High Concept

What do I want to play?

This is both the easiest and most difficult first question. What do I want to play?

“High Concept” basically just means, at a high level, what kind of superhero do you want to play? We’re not worried about the details yet, just basically, if you only saw one panel of your superhero on a page in a comic book doing something cool with his/her powers. What would it be?

With something like this, examples are best.



Short, ill-tempered berserker with claws and amazing healing abilities.

Professor X

The most powerful telepath the world has ever seen, to make up for being confined to a wheelchair.


Shoots beams of energy from his one eye (which is actually a special visor to control his optic blasts).

Kitty Pryde

Spunky kid that has the ability to turn into a ghost and pass into and out of walls, buildings, people, you name it.


Sweet Southern Belle that’s never known love because she’s cursed with absorbing the energy, powers, memories, and life force of anyone that touches her skin (or that she touches).


A devout German catholic who is cursed to look like a blue skinned circus freakshow devil. That he teleports in a BAMF! of brimstone scented smoke doesn’t help.

High Concept

Uncanny wolfhound wolfhound