So apparently I’m a mutant…

As you can imagine, in a comic book based role-playing game about super-powered mutants… powers are kinda a big deal. At this stage of character creation, we’re only worried about the mutant powers that manifested first. We’re calling this/these your Primary Mutation(s). You will get more points later, for now imagine what powers were the first to become apparent. Most likely it was a stressful situation sometime near puberty or young adulthood. Sometimes the mutations are just visible/detectable from birth. It’s up to you.

You have 8 points to spend on your Primary Mutation(s). They’re in the ICONS book from pages 28 to 53. I’m not listing more than a single sentence as I feel that would give away too much of the rules (and you should buy your own copy!). However, since I’m creating a more fully realized “point buy” system than what exists in the book – I feel justified listing what I have here as this is original work.

  • Powers cost either 1 point per level or 2 points per level (marked with x2).
  • Some powers grant free Power Effects, some have additional Power Effects you must purchase at 1 point each.
  • Some have recommended “Bonus Powers” that make logical sense to also pick up. Though purchased as separate Powers, they’re usually “linked” in some conceptual way and generally make sense for the character. If you don’t purchase them now, think of them as natural and logical power progressions as your character becomes more powerful.
  • Some have extra “Add-Ons” that do special things for some variable number of Points.
  • Some Powers are or have “Groups” and require you to be more specific when you take them. Details will be indicated where appropriate.

Devices Refund – If you wrap one or more powers into various mechanical devices (like Powered Armor), you can get a 1 Point “Refund.” You only get one Point back regardless of the number of Devices and Powers invested into those Devices. You cannot take a one Point Power as a Device in order to get it “for free” it must cost at least two Points.

Power Levels

  • 10: Cosmic – Truly your powers are nearly beyond the ability for human or Mutant minds to comprehend.
  • 9: Colossal – Your mastery of this Power boggles the mind and causes reality to stutter in your wake.
  • 8: Legendary – When people discuss those with your Mutation, with this specific Power, you’re regarded as one of the foremost and top examples.
  • 7: Epic – Even amongst Mutant kind, heck even amongst those who share the same Mutation as you, you’re something special. Superhero indeed.
  • 6: Extraordinary – Your Power is a marvel to any and all to whom you show. You don’t get uncomfortable with the concept of being labelled a ‘superhero’ when refering to your command of this Power.
  • 5: Exceptional – Now you’re starting to be able to do “Cool” stuff with your Power. You’re beginning to feel like you’re earning the “super” in superhero.
  • 4: Accomplished – You have no regrets about your command of this Power. You’re more or less instinctive and familiar with the ins and outs.
  • 3: Typical – You’re quite comfortable with this Power and are starting to have fun with it.
  • 2: Inferior – You know you could be better, but you can start to do neat stuff.
  • 1: Feeble – You can affect the world around you, but not significantly. However, it’s more than a non-Mutant could ever do!
The Powers List

x2 Powers


  • Duplication – Make more copies of yourself. One per level of this power.
  • Material Duplication – Take on traits of other things
  • Power Duplication – Touch somebody and gain their powers also (up to the level you possess of this power). For 1 point you may add 1 more individual’s powers at the same time (+1 person per point).
  • Power Theft – You can take somebody else’s powers away and they become yours
  • Transformation – You can turn into others/other things/other critters. Growth, Shrinking, or Stretching are good Bonus Powers to take in combination with this. You must take a Limitation in combination with this power (see the book page 34 for more on this).

  • Probability Control – You can make dice rolls better or worse. This is complicated, read the book if you’re interested.
  • Telekinesis – Special case. See description below.
  • Time Control – Stop, slow down, speed up time. Complicated, more on page 39.
  • Transmutation – You can turn something into something else. It’s also on page 39, like Transformation you have to take a Limitation.
  • Wizardry – With spells, Power Stunts, and Determination Points you can duplicate most any other power. You get two Power Effects for free (see Elemental Control for the list). Additional Power Effects cost 1 point each. You also have to choose from one of three broad “types” of Wizardry.

  • Absorption – Special case. See description below.
  • Immortality – Short of being atomized or subjected to constant damage, you’ll eventually come back. There’s only 1 level of this Power, further levels grant no additional benefit.
  • Immunity – You’re completely immune to a type of attack. Select a type from the Resistance Group list, for each time you take a Level of this Power you gain another one.
  • Reflection – You bounce attacks back to the attacker.

  • Astral Projection – You send your spirit travelling the Astral Realms. Astral Detection is a logical Bonus Power to take.
  • Mind Control – You can force others to do your bidding. Complicated, see page 45.
  • Possession – You take control of other’s bodies by putting your mind into them. Complicated, see page 46.

  • Teleportation – You vanish only to appear somewhere else. Complicated, page 47.

x1 Powers


  • Ability Boost – (Group: Pick an Ability Score) Temporary boost to a stat (Max 10). The advantage of taking this over just raising your own Basic/Core Stat is that if you purchase at least 2 levels, you get 1 point back. So an Ability Boost of +4 only costs 3 Points.
  • Alter-Ego – You have another record sheet representing your Alter-Ego. They must share a few traits in common (work with the GM). Each time you take this is another Alter-Ego. Each Alter-Ego must have as many levels of the Alter-Ego Power as each other.
  • Alternate Form – You can turn your body into something else. Select from a Group (Energy, Gas, Liquid, Solid). Each additional level is another Alternate Form.
  • Aquatic – You can live underwater. Higher levels increase your swimming speed. If you cannot live outside of water without aid (suit or whatever) and take at least two levels of this power, you can get a 1 Point refund.
  • Chameleon – You and your stuff changes to match the surroundings.
  • Density – You become heavier, stronger, tougher, and slower. You may take Phasing as a Bonus Power if you wish (representing becoming heavier or lighter, you choice).
  • Extra Body Parts – Select from a Group (Carapace, Claws, Extra Arms, Extra Legs, Tail, Tentacles, Wings). You get One Extra Body Part per time you take this Power, and as you gain levels in it your extra body part becomes better.
  • Growth – You can make yourself bigger, gaining Strength but losing Defense as you do.
  • Invisibility – You turn invisible. You may take Invisibility Ray as a Bonus Power if you wish.
  • Phasing – You can pass into and out of solid materials. For 1 point you may specify a single other Power you already possess that works when you are using Phasing. Each additional point allows another Power to still function when you are Phased.
  • Shrinking – You can get smaller and smaller per a table on page 34 in the ICONS book. For 1 additional point you may have “Growth Momentum” representing the fact that you know how to return to a larger size effectively in combat gaining bonuses.
  • Stretching – Your limbs and body and stretch and contort. Invulnerability is a common Bonus Power to pick up as an extension of this power.

  • Alteration Ray – Your shoot beams that do stuff similar to other Powers. Select the replicated Power from this Group (Density, Growth, Invisibility, Phasing, Shrinking, Transformation)
  • Animation – You can cause inanimate objects to move and act at your command.
  • Elemental Control – When taken, select a Group (Air, Darkness, Earth, Electrical, Fire, Gravity, Light, Magnetic, Radiation, Sound, Water/Ice, Weather, etc.). You gain two Power Effects (see page 36) for free. Each additional Power Effect costs 1 point. Weather counts as x2.
  • Healing – Your touch heals others. For 1 additional point your Healing can also purge toxins and disease.
  • Plant Control – You control plants. For 1 additional point you can also force unnatural fast growing as well as control these boosted/mutated plants.
  • Power Nullification – You just flat out cancel out other Powers.
  • Telekinesis – You can move stuff around with your mind. You can purchase additional Modes (Attack, Defense, Moving) for your TK for 1 point for each additional Mode. If you purchase 2 or more additional Modes, this becomes an x2 Power (and you must retroactively pay for any levels you’ve already purchased).

  • Absorption – Choose an Energy Type (see Elemental Control for the list) or the Resistance Group list and you absorb damage of this type to power other things. If you buy this as a x2 Power, you can select either “All Physical” (i.e. “kinetic”) or “All Energy” as the types you absorb.
  • Force Field – Makes you hard to damage. Unlike Invulnerability you can possibly be stunned and your Force Field will weaken. Thus if you take at least 2 Levels of this Power, you get a 1 Point Refund.
  • Invulnerability – You’re really hard to damage.
  • Life Support – For each Level of this Power you gain another thing that you don’t need/require/need to worry about. See page 42 for more information.
  • Regeneration – You heal damage pretty quick
  • Resistance – The Groups (Afflictions, Binding, Blinding, Cold, Corrosives, Electricity, Heat, Magical Attacks, Radiation) – This costs 1 Point per 5 Levels in any particular Group (thus 2 points makes it Level 10… but if that’s what you want just take the 2 point Immunity x2 Power above instead). This power must be taken again for each Resistance gained.

  • Animal Control – Group (Avians, Insects, Mammals, Reptiles, Sea Creatures)
  • Emotion Control – You can manipulate Emotions (inflicting Tag-able Aspects on targets)
  • Illusion – You create things in people’s heads that don’t exist
  • Mental Blast – You inflict damage with your mind
  • Mind Shield – Like Resistance or Invulnerability … but for the mind.
  • Telepathy – You can read minds, higher levels allows you to read minds that know how to defend themselves, boost range, etc. etc.

  • Burrowing – You can move through the earth with at your normal speed. Higher levels allows you to burrow through more than dirt (like hard clay, rock, stone, etc.) See Property Damage for more info.
  • Dimensional Travel – You use traveling between Dimensions to move around quickly.
  • Flight – You can fly. Flight 7 is the speed of sound. Each above 7 adds x10 to the Mach speed (10 or Mach 1000 is still slower than Light – just if you’re curious… by the way that’s around the Equator in like… 2 minutes).
  • Leaping – You jump really far when you jump
  • Super-Speed – You run really fast. See Flight for how fast. 5 allows you to run up solid walls and defy momentum/gravity, 6 allows you to run on water without breaking surface tension. Air Control, Fast Attack, Phasing, and/or Regeneration all make sense as Bonus Powers. For 1 Point you can add the Defending Power Effect. The Surface Speed Power Effect listed in the book is redundant as speeds 5 and 6 grant it anyway.
  • Swinging – You generate webs or lines of force and swing around on them.
  • Wall Crawling – You can walk on walls. Higher levels are usually redundant as all they do is allow you to climb/walk on more and more slick/slippery surfaces. Assume a 3 is more than enough to climb anything short of a “perfectly smooth” energy based force field. 7 Would allow you to climb a “perfectly smooth” energy based force field. Assuming those benchmarks are not sufficient, dice rolls would resolve any question as to if you can or can’t.

  • Affliction – Your attack causes damage-over-time
  • Aura – You have an aura/area around you that causes damage to anyone that touches you
  • Binding – You have an attack that can “tie up” others (webs, ice, whatever)
  • Blast – The classic I can shoot “blasts of X from my Y” power! For 1 additional point you can specify if it is single target (Zone 0) or “explodes” and hits things up to Close range (up to Zone 2)
  • Blinding – You have an attack that takes away a target’s senses (usually sight but really any sense can be included). For each 1 point you spend you can add another sense that’s affected (the classic 5 senses, plus Danger Sense, Telepathy, and/or ESP which all count as one each). For 1 additional point you can specify if it is single target (Zone 0) or “explodes” and hits things up to Close range (up to Zone 2)
  • Fast Attack – You get additional attacks based on how high you have this Power (see charge page 49)
  • Life Drain – You take away Stamina with your touch. For 1 additional point you can add the Stamina to yourself temporarily. For an additional 1 point you can do this power at range, up to Close (2 Zones away).
  • Paralysis – You make people unable to move with you touch. For 1 additional point you can do this power at range, up to Close (2 Zones away).
  • Strike – In melee you have an attack that does lots of damage (claws, karate chops, or whatever).

  • Danger Sense – Can roll this instead of Awareness, Prowess, or Coordination depending on the circumstances.
  • Detection – You can detect a particular type of energy from the following Group (Cosmic, Emotion, Energy, Magic, Magnetic, Power, Radiation, Spirit). You get 1 per point spent.
  • ESP – About what it sounds like. Page 52 for more info. For 1 additional point you can extend your ESP into other dimensions.
  • Interface – This is like Telepathy… against computers and machines.
  • Postcognition – You feel the after-effects/aura/impressions of things that already happened. You have to be in a place or touch it to use this power.
  • Precognition – You see the future. With a successful roll and a Determination Point to can even RetCon things the GM throws at you! Danger Sense is a logical Bonus Power, without it you may or may not get warnings in time to do something about it.
  • Super Senses – For each 1 point you can have an Enhanced regular sense (Hearing, Vision, etc.). For each 1 point you can have an Extended Range on a regular sense (out to Visual/7-9 Zones as if it were only Extended/3-6 Zones). For each 1 point you can have an Additional (not normal) Sense (infravision, radar, sonar, x-ray). You can Enhance and Extend an Additional Sense as well.


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