Quick Historical Overview

Human Genome Project

In 1984 the United States Department of Energy started a series of workshops to study and understand the Human Genome.

In 1989 the Office of Biological and Environmental Research officially kicked off the project.

Within months, the researchers discovered a secret that had long been kept below the surface of public knowledge.

There were mutants amongst us.

Homo Superior

Lacking any other direction from his supervisors, a lowly college student intern began a file to store the startling information. The file was titled “Homo Superior.” The file, with its unfortunate title, was leaked to the public. It quickly spun out of control.

Until that day, there were but a handful of stories about “super humans.” For instance, there were sailor’s stories of the terror of the deep called the “Submariner” – an enigmatic boogeyman as capricious as the sea. The Submariner had not been seen in decades but was the reason that seagoing crews still feared the deep black waters of the oceans. In the minds of mankind, these were the Metahumans of the world; nothing more than…

myths – the fantastical stories of earlier generations!

Then came the Homo Superior file. There were dangerous and troubling mutants out there. Not all mutations were beneficial, not all were harmless, not all were sane. Many could hide amongst the populace without being detected and do things against which there was no defense.

Shades of Salem

Then the world started to change. Unexplained coincidences, bad luck, unsolved crimes, or even happenstance became the possible work of mutants. There was a growing undercurrent of fear.

Anti-Mutant hate groups sprang up all over the world; the Friends of Humanity and the Church of Humanity being two of the more prominent in the United States. Mutants were targeted for hate crimes and few humans did anything about it – riots, angry mobs, lynchings and worse. Those who discovered themselves to be mutants would hide the knowledge or; if “cursed” with a mutation that couldn’t be hidden, to flee from human society! To be a mutant was to be

feared and hated.

Some tried to turn back the fear with knowledge, truth, and an appeal to the better natures of mankind… some like Doctor Charles Xavier, an American born wunderkind that graduated from Harvard with honors at the age of 16. An army veteran, geneticist, psychologist, biologist and professor at both Columbia and Oxford Universities, he quickly became known (in circles that cared about such things) as the foremost expert on human mutation. His work was seemingly undone in a single night when it became public knowledge that Charles Xavier, The Mutant Expert… was himself a mutant. A CNN reporter asked the question that had never been asked in over a decade of interviews, lectures, and shows: “Doctor, are you yourself a mutant?” Charles proudly answered the unexpected question with the truth.

The backlash was tremendous. His books and lectures became suspect. Ulterior motives were found where none existed. Facts were turned into fiction. Sensationalism defeated rational thought as fear took the day. The culminating event was when, as he was exiting a lecture hall on the the University of Iowa campus in 1991, he was shot in the back by an anti-mutant terrorist. He survived the attack, but lost the use of his legs.

Out of the Public Eye

Between the rehabilitation and the need for security, Charles Xavier vanished from the public eye. While not exactly “forced into hiding” … few now know where he resides. He had tried to teach Homo Sapiens and had failed. Now he would teach his own kind.

Professor Xavier now seeks out mutants. Those that he finds receive an invitation to an exclusive school for gifted youngsters. His students call him Professor X. They call themselves…


Quick Historical Overview

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