FATE uses a pretty common sense Time interval for describing how long any particular scene or series of scenes might take. ICONS slightly complicates it with panels, pages, chapters, issues, etc. etc.

This is my attempt to demystify the terms.


  1. Panel = A single character’s actions (my turn, your turn, joe’s turn)
    • FATE Time increment “Instant” (1) to “A Few Moments” (2)
  2. Page = Everybody has gone once (a round, aka “we’ve gone around the table”)
    • FATE Time increment “A Few Moments” (2) to “Half a Minute” (3)
  3. Several Pages = FATE Time increment “Half Minute” (3) to “A Minute” (4)
  4. Chapter = Enough time to do a particular thing related to the story.
    • in FATE called a Scene, can take from “A Few Minutes” (5) to “Half an Hour” (7) or even longer
  5. Issue = The entire evening’s game Session (anything up to “A Few Days” (12)
  6. Series = The Campaign (anything up to “A Few Years” (20) or even longer)

FATE Increments

  1. Instant
  2. A few moments
  3. Half a minute
  4. A minute
  5. A few minutes
  6. 15 minutes
  7. Half an hour
  8. An hour
  9. A few hours
  10. An afternoon
  11. A day
  12. A few days
  13. A week
  14. A few weeks
  15. A month
  16. A few months
  17. A season
  18. Half a year
  19. A year
  20. A few years
  21. A decade
  22. A lifetime


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