You’re part of a Team now

Your character is now an X-Man, ready to embark on his or her first team adventure. You get some benefits from being a member of a Team.

Team Aspects

You get 2 more Aspects (bringing your Maximum total to 7). These are “Team Aspects” and anyone on the Team has them.

  • Quality: Motivation (Prove to the World That Mutants Are Not A Threat)
    • This is portion of Xavier’s Dream. The X-Men fight for a world that hates them for two big reasons:
      1. Because by their actions they hope to make the world better for the 98% of Mutants that just want to live a peaceful, quiet life and not be abused.
      2. Because if the X-Men won’t stand up to evil… who will?
  • Challenge: Social (Mutant)
    • Wearing the X, the uniform, being associated with the X-Men will always carry a stigma amongst the bigots of the world… to those close-minded loons… you’re always nothing more than filthy, Mutie scum.

Team Determination

When the game begins, there are free-floating points of Determination in a pool accessible to anyone that’s a part of that Team. The number of free-floating points is equal to 1, plus any number of Determination points that any Team member wishes to contribute.

The Leader of the Team (and only the Leader) adds their bonus levels of the Leadership Specialty (from 0 to 3) to this pool as well.

Team Resources

Rather than delineate all the Resources an X-Man has access too, let’s just say it’s a lot. The Mansion, Blackbird, lots of computerized gadgets and gizmos, automobiles, etc. etc. As a Team Member you can get access to this stuff … but usually you need to take care of it too.


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