Woohoo! Shopping!

Chances are this is the part of Character Creation that’s the most fun. This represents the time you spent learning to be an X-Man and/or any Secondary Mutations that you discovered while at the school.

You get 12 points. Spend it how you like on more Abilities, Powers, Specialties, or Starting Determination.

  • You can raise any Ability or Power up to 8 with no problem (assuming you have the points).
  • You can take any single Ability or Power up to a maximum of 10.
  • Starting Determination may be taken to a max of 5… but most Characters just stay at 1.

You’re now a 45 point character. You’re not weak by any means, but you can still become more powerful with experience and more training. You’re ready to adventure!

If you haven’t figured out your 5th Aspect by now, see if you can come up with one. While you don’t “have to” have all 5 Aspects allocated, you’ll discover you have more fun playing ICONS/FATE if you do.


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